“All topics were extremely beneficial.  The dispensary operations sections and the successful business owners at the seminar were really helpful.”

Peter C.

“Dr. Bernstein’s info on the application content was extremely helpful.  I look forward to his dispensary application course.”

Mariana L.

“The legal and regulatory update from the lawyers was very helpful.”

Jose V.

“The binder is great for future reference, very informative!  It definitely made me feel more at ease to move forward.”

Melissa W.

“It was an eye opener for a lot of things.  It was a good start to educate myself on this opportunity.”

Steve B.

“The speakers were very educational, professional and informative.  Absolutely useful!”

Julio M.

“I found the information to be invaluable. Every aspect of the medical marijuana industry was covered!”

Michael M.

“All doubts and questions were answered. It exceeded all my expectations!”

Ashley D.

“Very Helpful, especially to an individual who has very limited knowledge of the medical marijuana industry. Also was very well organized.”

Luis V.

“The seminar was very informative. All the speakers were excellent. The dispensary operations section and the different types of businesses in the medical marijuana industry section were both very helpful. Thanks!”

Sandra D.

“The medical marijuana dispensary business plan that you included in the notebook, was worth the price of the admission alone!”

Kevin H.

“I went to several other medical marijuana seminars. Then I went to yours. Your marijuana business seminar was the BEST! Thanks for what you do.”

Joseph R.